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Friday, 23 November 2007

All Welcome
We are a registered charity dedicated to providing health care and education for children throughout the world who are orphaned, destitute or disabled.

HELP India :
There is no social security in India. Children who are born poor stay poor, unable to afford education and the chance to find better work. Orphans depend on the charity of other family members, or become street children, literally fighting for survival.
It's a vicious circle that HELP India can break by providing food and education.

HELP Zimbabwe:
In Southern Africa, the AIDS virus has left thousands of children orphaned.
HELP Zimbabwe is building an orphanage in Zimbabwe where children can be cared for by resident house parents, and receive training and education. It is also helping wi the care of children in another orphanage with 12 children, some of whom are ill.

HELP Zambia:
The situation in Zambia is similar to that in Zimbabwe. HELP Zambia is providing food and education for orphaned street children who have nowhere to go. The children's home has 12 children at present. The number is going to increase as soon as the facility is improved adequately. THere are many children who are currently homeless who would welcome a home.

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