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Monday, 27 May 2013

Our Tenth Anniversary

We are planning to celebrate our tenth anniversary this year in September. We are hoping that all our friends can join us to mark this milestone. We will post details of the location and dates here and we encourage all of you not to miss it. Its been an interesting ten years and most of you have walked with us all the way. Keep track of us here and on Twitter.
In Southern Africa the rainy season was poor this year. As a result the harvest is poor and there will be a grain supply problem before the next harvest. H.E.L.P. International has been advised to make contingency plans for sustaining the health of the people at risk of malnutrition in the areas that we operate. The normal method for us is to work together with our associates in South Africa to get a supply of special foods. This superfood, (called E-pap ) is so good that a child only required one tablespoonful per day, and an adult requires two tablespoonfuls per day to maintains good health. We normally order about two hundred kg which last till the next harvest. We also take account of the fact that the number of people at risk increases as the next harvest nears. This time round, the company which has helped us with transportation in the past no longer operates as a transport company. For that reason, we are asking anyone who regularly travels between Johannesburg and Masvingo to please help us with transport of the superfood, which we expect by about late August 2013. Please Email us at our email address

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Well Digging season has started

In Zimbabwe the well digging season has just started. We normally wait till the water table is very low before digging water wells. This is so that the wells can supply water even during the dry seasons.

The last rains are normally in March. The first rains are in later October. The best time to dig is in September and October when the water table is at its lowest. However, we start a bit early, in July, to fit in as many wells as possible. We also try hard to dig at least two metres below the water table.

This year we have had a new Rock drill supplied from a well wishing company in China. We have paid only a third of the total cost. It will be ut to use next week. We will monitor its safety since it is a Petrol drill and gives off Carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and other toxic gases. For this reason, it will be used with a lot of care and attention.

We are thankful for the machine as it will help the digging team to go through rock strata. Meantime we home to train one of them to use explosives. A company in Harare has offered to help in that regard. This does not immediately solve our problems because the transportation of explosives is under strict instructions and we do not yet have suitable vehicles. Explosives are not allowed on public buses.

Look at why this machine was required.

Kenya Loss

The director of our sister charity in Kenya has recently died after a short illness. He leaves an orphanage with 31 young children who were under his charge. After working tirelessly to create a home for disadvantaged children, and to campaign and fund-raise for their well-fare, Peter has died leaving behind a much better situation for the children than he found in his life time. We have all been asked to help improve and train these children till they are adults. We are thankful for Peter's efforts and for his tirelessness and the time he devoted to this project. If you would like to help in any way please Email us at

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Shipments arrive in Zimbabwe

Very good news. The authorities in Zimbabwe have cleared our two shipments from UK and from China to be duty exempt. The two shipments have arrived in Zimbabwe. The one from China was by DHL and DHL are claiming charges for things that they have already been paid for in China. They are adamant that we need to ay. It is very sad when people do business this way. Will try to avoid DHL for next shipment. The other big shipment has not yet been opened. We think it will be Thursday, but it has already been cleared. ___________________________________________________________________________ )1/08/2012. There have been problems and the shipment is still not released in Harare. We are doing everything we can to have it released. It is costing a fortune in calls and updates. Will let you know if it is released and if everything sent is safe. This is the time when things are looted.

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Shipment due in Harare on 14th June

All being well, the long awaited shipment to Zimbabwe is due in Harare soon. The contents on the last shipment were unfortunately looted at Customs depot. We sincerely home that this shipment will arrive at destination intact. the effect would be a lot more than if the items were stolen and put in individual ownership.

There will also be a follow up shipment of items that can be used for training. We believe that a well trained individual will be able to train others in his/her area of specialism. We also believe that good training materials and equipment breed well trained individuals.

We are asking for help from those with time, expertise and are willing to lend a hand. This charity only works with volunteers who can visit our projects and focus on improvements for a few weeks, then leave locals to carry on. The more locals do things for themselves the more they develop skills to do more. We like to simply give them a wide range of options.

We are very grateful for the contribution we have had from China for some of the equipment in this shipment.

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Make a real difference

In the developed world are many hand tools that are no longer used but could make a huge difference in income to someone, somewhere on earth. These range from hammers, chisels, sewing machines, old computers, old musical instruments, old mobile phones, wood lathes, bread rollers, to name a few.

In 2005 one of our trustees visited Zimbabwe. Just before he went he bought two spoke keys for aligning bicycle wheels. He gave these to an unemployed man who can asking for gifts of cash to help his family. He also showed him how to use them and gave an idea how much to charge people. On our trustee's next visit in 2008, he found the same man working at about 8 bicycles per week and getting USD40-50 per week for his new skill. Each spoke key had cost our man USD 0.60.

A range of old woodwork tools you good people donated helped us to cut together a wood workshop in 2009, which now employs four young people.

We ask for your help in sourcing any tools you no longer need. We have a team of advisers who can formulate income generating projects from very small tool. Income only needs to be a trickle for it to bring significant change to the beneficiary's family life.

Email us on if you can help in any way or you have a question on whether something you have can be used.

Thank you.