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Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Naomi trekking Day 1 Brief

We reached safely and have been travelling all the time. We reached Pokhara from Kathmandu this afternoon, got our trekking permits and looked around Pokhara all afternoon.
Pretty tired now but thought I will send a quick email before we start trekking tomorrow. We will be away for 7 nights, 8 days trekking. we have got a porter for helping with carrying my pack and a guide. The weather is good, sunny and warm during the day but gets pretty chilly in the evenings.
Got a glimpse of 'fish tail' mountain (6990 mtrs) from ;where we were this afternoon. looked beautiful... but a lot of haze around.

The guide has a nokia so I will be able to charge the phone and try and text you.

The food is very similar to Indian food. the villages we passed also reminded me of the villages in India. More similarities than I thought! Kahtmandu is about 1600metres, Pokhara is 900metres. I think we start our climb upto about 3000 mts on our trip. My left knee is paining (probably already worried about the amount of walking!)

There are a lot of shops selling all that one might need for the various activities here... china not too far so - 'the North face,Gore tex' and other brands are well represented -flleeces, packs, sleeping bags etc etc... at much cheaper prices ofcourse!
Because of 'power loadsheding' there isnt electricity at all times. so this morning no shower... we had tobe out by 6.30 am. Veg food no problem.

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