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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Shipment to Zimbabwe in two weeks.

A planned shipment to Zimbabwe is due to leave the UK, China, and India soon. We would like to than all those who have helped with this collection of tools and other equipment. A Chinese company has helped in sourcing and shipping a petrol powered jack-hammer to help with hand well digging in Zimbabwe. This will speed up the process and help to provide clean water for many. The digging team, trained in 2009 can dig to 20 metres depths, using basic digging tools. The machine from China was half paid for by the supplier.

Two small seed oil extractors were sourced from India at a reduced cost than normal. We are very thankful for the help. These will be used to train youth to extract oils from a variety of seeds, as a self help project.

We thank schools and colleges in the UK Midlands for donating books from their libraries, for rural libraries in Zimbabwe. In particular, St Josephs High School, Endon High School, St Margret Ward High School, in Stoke on Trent and Derby College, have taken an active role in preparing this shipment.

We thank The Women's Institute (Blithe Bridge) for their collective donation of sewing machines ad books. These will be added to the Dress making project used by different rural schools in the areas near Chatsworth, Zimbabwe.

We thank all others who have donated a wide range of tools, particularly long awaited Woodwork Tools for our flagship community project.

Where ever you are, we appreciate your contribution.

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