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Monday, 19 December 2011

Lots of books from Derby College to Zimbabwe

Derby College library has contributed a large number of books towards the libraries in Zimbabwe, including a large collection of Encyclopedia Brittanica. The books, which were carried in three car loads, have joined the shipment on its way to Zimbabwe by sea, a journey which will take 8 -9 weeks. In the shipment is an assortment of things including, woodworking tools, children's musical instruments, sewing machines, poultry incubators, Jam making kits, school chemistry sets, crayons, pencils, and so on, all donated by someone near you in the UK. The jack hammer for helping in well digging is shipped directly from China. The oil expellers are shipped directly from India.

These simple items will train young school leavers as well as our cared for children, to be self reliant and prepared for independence.

We thank all those who have taken part in this shipment. Pictures will be available later in the year 2012.

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