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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Shipments arrive in Zimbabwe

Very good news. The authorities in Zimbabwe have cleared our two shipments from UK and from China to be duty exempt. The two shipments have arrived in Zimbabwe. The one from China was by DHL and DHL are claiming charges for things that they have already been paid for in China. They are adamant that we need to ay. It is very sad when people do business this way. Will try to avoid DHL for next shipment. The other big shipment has not yet been opened. We think it will be Thursday, but it has already been cleared. ___________________________________________________________________________ )1/08/2012. There have been problems and the shipment is still not released in Harare. We are doing everything we can to have it released. It is costing a fortune in calls and updates. Will let you know if it is released and if everything sent is safe. This is the time when things are looted.

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