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Saturday, 12 May 2012

Shipment due in Harare on 14th June

All being well, the long awaited shipment to Zimbabwe is due in Harare soon. The contents on the last shipment were unfortunately looted at Customs depot. We sincerely home that this shipment will arrive at destination intact. the effect would be a lot more than if the items were stolen and put in individual ownership.

There will also be a follow up shipment of items that can be used for training. We believe that a well trained individual will be able to train others in his/her area of specialism. We also believe that good training materials and equipment breed well trained individuals.

We are asking for help from those with time, expertise and are willing to lend a hand. This charity only works with volunteers who can visit our projects and focus on improvements for a few weeks, then leave locals to carry on. The more locals do things for themselves the more they develop skills to do more. We like to simply give them a wide range of options.

We are very grateful for the contribution we have had from China for some of the equipment in this shipment.

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