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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Well Digging season has started

In Zimbabwe the well digging season has just started. We normally wait till the water table is very low before digging water wells. This is so that the wells can supply water even during the dry seasons.

The last rains are normally in March. The first rains are in later October. The best time to dig is in September and October when the water table is at its lowest. However, we start a bit early, in July, to fit in as many wells as possible. We also try hard to dig at least two metres below the water table.

This year we have had a new Rock drill supplied from a well wishing company in China. We have paid only a third of the total cost. It will be ut to use next week. We will monitor its safety since it is a Petrol drill and gives off Carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and other toxic gases. For this reason, it will be used with a lot of care and attention.

We are thankful for the machine as it will help the digging team to go through rock strata. Meantime we home to train one of them to use explosives. A company in Harare has offered to help in that regard. This does not immediately solve our problems because the transportation of explosives is under strict instructions and we do not yet have suitable vehicles. Explosives are not allowed on public buses.

Look at why this machine was required.

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