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Monday, 27 May 2013

In Southern Africa the rainy season was poor this year. As a result the harvest is poor and there will be a grain supply problem before the next harvest. H.E.L.P. International has been advised to make contingency plans for sustaining the health of the people at risk of malnutrition in the areas that we operate. The normal method for us is to work together with our associates in South Africa to get a supply of special foods. This superfood, (called E-pap ) is so good that a child only required one tablespoonful per day, and an adult requires two tablespoonfuls per day to maintains good health. We normally order about two hundred kg which last till the next harvest. We also take account of the fact that the number of people at risk increases as the next harvest nears. This time round, the company which has helped us with transportation in the past no longer operates as a transport company. For that reason, we are asking anyone who regularly travels between Johannesburg and Masvingo to please help us with transport of the superfood, which we expect by about late August 2013. Please Email us at our email address

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