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Saturday, 7 January 2012

Make a real difference

In the developed world are many hand tools that are no longer used but could make a huge difference in income to someone, somewhere on earth. These range from hammers, chisels, sewing machines, old computers, old musical instruments, old mobile phones, wood lathes, bread rollers, to name a few.

In 2005 one of our trustees visited Zimbabwe. Just before he went he bought two spoke keys for aligning bicycle wheels. He gave these to an unemployed man who can asking for gifts of cash to help his family. He also showed him how to use them and gave an idea how much to charge people. On our trustee's next visit in 2008, he found the same man working at about 8 bicycles per week and getting USD40-50 per week for his new skill. Each spoke key had cost our man USD 0.60.

A range of old woodwork tools you good people donated helped us to cut together a wood workshop in 2009, which now employs four young people.

We ask for your help in sourcing any tools you no longer need. We have a team of advisers who can formulate income generating projects from very small tool. Income only needs to be a trickle for it to bring significant change to the beneficiary's family life.

Email us on if you can help in any way or you have a question on whether something you have can be used.

Thank you.

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